First Garden

I remember learning very young the value of planting a garden and I have never forgotten it. Everywhere we have lived and everywhere we have owned land, I have planted a garden and fruit trees. Anyone who knows me knows this fact. Even my law office situated on one acre of land has not been spared.

Grandma “Nonna” Rosina would take me by the hand as a boy. She and I would meander down to her garden in San Donato on our small plot of land. She marked out a small area for me and much larger one for her upon which to raise our vegetables. She taught me to plant lettuce seeds in rows, very carefully measured. She and I would return and water them, watch them grow and harvest them. She taught me the best time to pick the fruit of our labor. The lettuce was to be cut early when it was young, because that is when it was most tender. We would take the lettuce home and at meal time she simply seasoned it with a little olive oil and wine vinegar, and a little salt and pepper. That is all. Wow, what a taste! I now raise my own baby lettuce at home, just as she taught me then.