Verano’s Stories

Mamma and her brave decision to come to America:

It was that hard-nosed upbringing that eventually gave my mother the strength to return alone to America without a job to go to and without a place to live at 27 years of age. Luckily she met a wonderful Italian lady on the ship who learned of her plight and helped her to find a place to stay and a job once she got to Chicago. When Mom took that fateful trip to America I was 3 years old and had no idea that it would be 8 years before we would be able to see each other again.

Mom sent her mother the above postcard from the ship. The back read:

Dear Mamma,

Never did I want to see the moment that I would be separated from you. We have to be strong and with courage we must proceed.

I constantly am reminded of Verano from all the little kisses he gave me before I left and Edi too. Tell Verano that I will live for the moment and the hope that he will be with me very soon.

Mamma, I thank you with all my heart for all that you have and are doing for me. I hope the sea will be calm during my voyage. I am pleased I was able to send you this postcard. I hope you preserve it in a picture frame for the future and our memory of this moment. Tell Leo and Fini that we will see each other soon,

Annita P. 4-5-39