Dear Verano,

After reading your history as a young boy, living in Italy during World War II, and your subsequent journey upon your arrival to the United States, I can only think of one word – Wow! My search for new things is what lead me to your book, “Tuscany al Verano”. Never would I have suspected your culinary talent exceeded your ability to sway jurors, which I learned first hand in Federal Court.   Testimonial by Tom Richardson Read more…


Vern a very Special “Thank You” for a very special book. It is a very special gift as I love the stories. To me they are very real and inspiring and tell that you really can overcome and become anyone you wish to be.  It is hard to explain and put into words but when you read what this young boy went through  it is as though you see it in front of you.  There is so much to say and if you ever write a book, and I hope and wish you do, I would be the firs tin line to receive one (behind Nancy of course)  Your stories tell that you were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but worked very hard to achieve all that you have.  And I am sure that Grandma, as mom called her was so proud that she could not express it enough.  You and my mom really surprised me because it is and always will be in my heart the best gift I have ever received or will receive and know I will always treasure it.   So pick up that pen and start writing and let people know who you really are.  And thank you so very, very much.  Your biggest fan.  JoAnn